Heres To 2017! A Curly Haired Girls Big Dreams & Goals

8 January 2017

Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope you have all had a lovely start to the New Year since 2016 wasn't exactly the best year for many people. However that wasn't the case for everybody, most people did have a good year too.

I found 2016 to be a fairly decent year for myself personally as it has been a year where I am gradually discovering myself within blogging and finding out what my weaknesses are that need to be improved.  

Also I just realised now after getting a cluster of university work out of the way for submission (and I am praying to god everything is up to scratch!) that I am half way through my second year. It's gone by so quickly- one minute I'm starting, panicking and now I am almost nearly getting towards my last year. It's sad but it's exciting too as I will be pursuing new things in the future and hopefully achieving all my dreams.

Not all of them come in fancy make up packaging, boxes and bags. I have my own goals I have set for myself almost four years ago, I went through a very rough patch in my life and struggled with bad depression. I won't go into detail but this was a year after I finished college where I didn't know if I wanted to go university, I was so unsure about the future, I lost so much sleep over silly things and had little to no confidence.

I had already started a blog back then it didn't go anywhere and I didn't have money, fancy camera or anything like I do now (I wouldn't really call my current camera fancy though ha ha!). But when I used to see all of these fashionable, beautiful and talented bloggers/students and I told myself "I want to be like that too".

I wanted to better myself, educate myself and to go further in life rather than work a cafe waitressing job I did not really enjoy very much. 

Also I had a very big push from one of my favourite Youtubers who live and work in Japan, she's living her life to the fullest and I spent nights. Watching vlog after vlog and it inspired me to want to also work abroad as well. 

I wanted to do things with my life after that so I write down a scruffy list on a piece of paper for what I had to do in order to get where I needed to be. This wasn't even New Year either it was in the summer at three in the morning! 

You can make big changes to your life at anytime that is why I am a bit sceptical over the saying "New Year, New Me". I don't really believe in that anymore. I would just rather wish another person the best of luck and a happy new year. 

But I suppose it is up to each individual themselves, we all have our own thing and this is kind of like my little life story from the past few years that I felt I just had to share for this post. 

I will say though what I would like to achieve this year more than anything other than perhaps losing a bit of weight, to continue stretching my blog and interacting with others online. Being healthier daily and to learn to love myself more, it can be difficult but it's something I am gradually learning. 

Also to increase my Japanese studies, it's shocking I have been neglecting the language for too long now!

I think it is important to just keep reminding myself how far I have come and not to give up so easily. Simply just to keep going and never stop. 

That goes for the rest of you lovelies reading too!


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