Top Six Spring Scents You Should Be Investing In!

25 February 2017

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, 
the human soul is apt to revive also." - Harriet Ann Jacobs

Since spring is here this calls for that perfect perfume fitting for such a beautiful season. Honestly though, Spring is my absolute favourite season although Autumn is my second and more so because both seasons are not too cold or hot.

The fashion scene for each are always so light, vibrant and colourful where you can comfortable without needing to sweat off all your make up or you come home in from the freezing cold shivering. 

But yes, Spring has to be my favourite. Baby animals, the arrival of budding plants, cool yet mellow winds and lighter mornings. It cheers me up when it arrives each and every year. 

For those reading maybe these scents I am about to list may not be up to your taste but I just wanted to share what I currently love right now. 

1. Philosophy - Fresh Cream

2. Miss Dior - Eau De Toilette 

3. Chloe - Love Chloe

4. Valentino - Donna

5. Valentino - Valentina

6. Chloe - Ea De Parfum 

Philosophy - Fresh Cream

This scent is a aromatic fragrance for both men and women. Fresh Cream features whipped cream, light floral notes with a hint of powdery notes including some very sweet milky ones too. Its such a gentle scent, it isn't very overpowering and perfect for everyday use. 

Miss Dior - Eau De Toilette 

I find this scent particularly strong with hints of jasmine, orange and blossoms combined within it. It's quite fruity but this is a pleasant scent  followed with pralines and vanilla. 

Chloe - Love Chloe

Yet again another delicate scent which is an extremely feminine and sophisticated floral composition, holding powdery and soft notes. Its a lovely perfume and one of my favourites!

Valentino - Donna

Now this is probably my favourite perfume simply because I swear this one has a combination of cream and roses. I always find it reminds me of tasty milky lattes because its creamy scent. Patchouli, leather and vanilla are also included. I love everything about this perfume, it's brilliant for day or night. The overall design and packaging are gorgeous. It's so perfect.

Valentino - Valentina

Apparently this perfume was inspired by Rome and Italian flavours,  developed in collaboration with Puig and perfumers Alberto Morillas and Oliver Cresp.

It was designed as a fresh floral yet fruity and slightly oriental fragrance but also simultaneously delicate and strong, elegant, sensual, rebellious and fun. It's a beautiful perfume and would be a lovely gift. But also worth investing for yourself alone.

Chloe - Ea De Parfum 

I always get told this is favourite by most women, this fragrance just has that vibe about it. It's packaged in a beautiful bottle, it's simple and reminds you of the grand Parisian dreamscape lifestyle. Ballet shoes, silky pink ribbons and slinky satin slips is all I can ever think about when I see or put on this perfume.

As a scent it is a light and fresh yet extremely strong and self-possessed scent, it captures the creative, confident individuality of a true woman with an utterly innate sense of chic and natural sexiness. Another favourite scent and I would recommend this one to everyone.

What are your favourite perfumes this season? Are they any of the above? Please share! 



  1. I've never used any of these! Most of my perfumes are Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang or Stella McCartney. I already have too many, otherwise I'd love to splurge on another, but I'm trying to be a more responsible spender. The Love Chloe one is especially appealing to me though, as I love powdery scents. I'm going to have to give it a spritz next time I'm in Debenhams. I have been very attracted to Bonbon by Victor and Rolf, do you know it? The bottle is especially gorgeous, and unlike any other perfume bottle I've seen before. x

    1. Aw really?! You must try at least one! They're so gorgeous and really uplifting scents for any occasion not just Spring in particular. Love Chloe would be perfect for you if you adore gentle powdery scents! It's so light and fluffy!

      Nope! But I will give that Bon Bon scent a try now that you have mentioned it thank you! I am off out tomorrow so I shall have a nosey! Thank you so much! :) xxx


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