My March Photo Diary! 2017

6 April 2017

Gosh... it feels like ages since I've uploaded a blog post! I've been a tad bit busy recently with university and just general other things. But I will start posting again regularly soon since the Easter holidays are emerging and I have about three weeks left until I finish my second year for summer! Finally...

Well this year it was a bit funny since my birthday once again landed on Mothers day. It's happened before! When I was little and about twelve! It's quite nice since the weather was lovely, I got my mum a fair bit such as perfume, chocolate, flowers and wine.

Also my grandmother since I live with her and she's my world really! My birthday was a chilled day, I drank a fair amount and stocked up on delicious strawberry cheesecake! I can't believe I'm slowly drifting into my mid-twenties now... it feels so strange! I don't dislike it though because it's all a part of life at the end of the day and it's interesting to see what the future will bring.

I received some gorgeous presents too! I absolutely love these pretty little pearl bow Pandora earrings! I did already have a pair before but I lost them at the gym... this time I am probably going to protect them with my life now haha! I'm so grateful to have a lovely family though. Honestly...

My top make up brands I'm loving right now are Charlotte Tilbury and Too Faced! I've been buying more and more products from Charlotte Tilbury recently because not just the pretty golden packaging it all goes in but the quality is always up to high expectations, its long lasting and does the job well.

I've recently bought the lipstick "Pillow Talk" from the range along with the other "Valentine" and both are so beautiful!

They're in such lovely pink shades all perfect for this season and fit like a dream. Are any of you reading a big Charlotte Tilbury fan too? If not then I urge you to try at least one item!

I also caved in and purchased one of Too Faced's new highlighters as well! This one is called "Ray of light" and it's a rose gold colour. It's a beautiful shade, its very light though and subtle. I am going to do a full on review about it and that includes the new palette "Natural Love" too! It's all so exciting! I can't wait to share my thoughts with you all about them.

I can't stop buying clothes... I'm addicted! Spring honestly along with Autumn has the best fashion. Everything is all ruffles, lace and nudes. There is a lot of gingham this season too which I absolutely adore! Ive always been a big fan and of ruffles!

It just makes everything that extra bit girly in an outfit! I'm not a lover of the minimalist style to be honest. I like it but it isn't for me. I just need to have cute clothes! I'm a sucker for them. 

I've invested in the book "The Curated Closet" and decided to give that a try. I'm still reading it at the moment and it's quite a good read. It's interesting if you are into organising and even just simple silly tips which can help you lead a tidier/neater lifestyle. I just thought I would give it a shot since I have heard quite a bit about it!

I love this gorgeous bra so much! It's from Primark for just £8 and still in stores at the moment. How cute are these adorable Marie slippers?! Again from Primark for £4! I might buy another pair of them because I go through slippers like no tomorrow... that way I will always have a spare at the back of my drawer!

Asda are doing this gorgeous brand called "Let them eat, Cake" and they have so many flavours! I've had some of the others but this one "White Chocolate Macaroon" is the one. It's heavenly! For just £3 though? Bargain!

Also just before Mothers day (My birthday ha!) I picked up some Florentyna perfume for my mother since she adores it. Plus the brand have started doing this gorgeous body powder too! I got myself and her one too! It's so nice to pop on after a nice shower or bath. I've been using it quite a bit! But mostly... I just got it because well... it's so cute! Ha ha!

How has your month been? Have you picked up any cute new purchases or been anywhere interesting? Please share!



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