Patisserie De Bain Have Done It Again! Featuring The Cutest Creams!

9 April 2017

Patisserie De Bain have gone and done it again! 

They've gone all out and created more wonderful delicious scented products. They were even kind enough to send me some of these lovely hand creams to try and I am very grateful for being given the opportunity. 

Also I squealed at the packaging! Just how cute is that?! Patisserie De Bain always wrap products up so beautifully with thought. It was too cute to open but sadly I had to... not that it was particularly a bad thing either! 

These hand creams are so adorable and small! Perfect for your coat pocket which is very ideal for myself who suffers from very rough skin on the hands. So I can just pop one of these out and away I go!

But the scents make me almost hungry, they're so nice and it's sweet how they are all named after deserts too which all fits into the brand name perfectly. 

All are 50ml for £3.99 each and the brand goes the extra mile by donating 50p for the Rays of Sunshine initiative! How wonderful is that?! This company has such lovely intentions and that makes me so pleased to be involved. 

They're all extremely moisturising, smell amazing like each actual desert and well worth the money. So I suggest grabbing one of these!

My favourite is Rhubarb & Custard (not just because it one of my favourites to eat) but it smells the absolute best! Second is probably no doubt the Raspberry Roulade! The Blackcurrant & Apricot Coulis is a bit too strong for me but it's still lovely. 

If you have tried the products so far then please let me know which one is your favourite! 


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