Spring Cleaning & Little Bedroom Details!

14 April 2017

I just love Spring don't you?

Gosh... well I've been purchasing a lot and I mean a lot over the past couple of months. Beauty products, clothing and some cute homeware pieces!

Now used to always buy pattern and graphic bed sheets but now I strive mostly for plain. Usually with a bit of lace or thrill for that girly touch to make things interesting.

I found this gorgeous bed set in Primark for just £23! I'm so chuffed with it and adore it! They also do a set in white but I preferred the pink since I only own one pink set with the ruffles. Most my bedding is white anyway... so I thought a change would be good to brighten up my room!

Also I saw this gorgeous rose gold pot with faux flowers in Primark too for £5! How cute is it?! I couldn't leave it behind. In the basket it went!

I've had this gorgeous vanity table for a good few years now. I'm constantly rearranging pieces in my room and I was so pleased to receive these gorgeous flowers on my birthday off my mum! They're still going now (slightly wilting) on my vanity table.

The cute little cat mug is from New Look which I use partly just as decoration. I found this gorgeous big candle over at Homesense! It's rose scented and makes the room smell like a flower garden! If you pass through TXMax or Homesense I recommend you pick a jar up!

I'm loving my desk space as of late too! I'm always putting things up and taking them down... which is why this wall has so many nails and little holes! It's a never ending battle really. But I love to change my workspace a lot because I'm constantly inspired by different things! New trends, artists work I want up and Typography prints I create.

Compared to the last desk space post I made I still have a lot of rose god included in with the white furniture but I'm now including more pink. That's the scheme I love at the moment: white, rose gold and pink! I just find it very pretty and suitable to my (dare I say it!) aesthetic. 

I ended up purchasing this adorable white wire basket for all my Japanese magazines because I have so many and I regret not getting a bigger one to be fair... I will be probably ordering more and more over time. Luckily there is enough space on the top of my wardrobe to hoard them all (haha). 

My chair can't be seen due to the throw... but it's a plain black one since the last chair collapsed on me. Literally. So now I am in dire need of a pretty new desk chair but I'm still deciding whether to opt for a swirly white one or a clear plastic chair... decisions, decisions! 

I haven't bought that much make up as I have clothes and homeware items really. However I have invested in this gorgeous baked blush by Milani in "Berry Amore" and it's by far my favourite blush at the moment!

It's so pretty...

But however, I do own a couple of other Milani blushers which are the flower ones but I find they don't suit my tone very well. This one meshes with my complexion far better and it's not too heavy either. Good pigment and I couldn't be happier!

Just a couple of clothes I purchased last month and I really adore this pretty embroidered lilac sweater from New Look! I barely own anything purple or lilac but I thought I would give this piece a go and I love wearing it! It's just lovely for this season - I adore embroidery so much at the minute! It's absolutely everywhere isn't it?!

Also this pretty lace bob top which is also from new Look and it is a little bit sheer though. But I still love it! It will do more for summer I imagine.

The collar sweater is from H&M and it's very cute on! I love tops like this with the little embedded collars (it just saves time actually throwing a shirt on underneath and you end up looking smart still! Lazy or what haha?).

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Also what are your current spring favourites?



  1. Your bedroom is so gorgeous, I love the way you've styled it! And that cat mug is just too cute :) xx

    Laura | www.mylauralife.co.uk


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