A Mini Spring Treats & Beauty Haul!

12 May 2017

Despite the beautiful cherry blossoms outside my house have all blown away until another year of seeing it bloom once more I can't say that spring is far from over yet. 

I have been fairly busy recently! While juggling around my daily life of the university struggles with coursework, trying to maintain a social life and even find the time for Instagrammable (Is that a word now?!) photos I have not forgotten my blog. Infact I wish I could constantly blog every single day like most do but unfortunately at the moment life just gets in the way. 

However over the last couple of weeks I have picked up a few adorable little pretties here which are my absolute favourites! 

I mean who can resist cute things?  

Around a month ago I picked up the new Garnier Skin activity hydrate and soothe day cream with rose water. However I did buy it more or less on a whim simply because I was desperate for face cream really, I found after I bought this that Garnier had released other new rose water skin products too and I immediately went back for more after trying the cream out. 

So far I find that this cream has been doing me wonders especially as I have changed my skin routine up a lot. My skin is naturally more oily and this product isn't too heavy luckily enough so I find just a thin layer does the job. It's been helping me aim for clearer skin and this cream smells amazing! I love popping it on at the end of the day once my make up has all come off. It's like a bit of a treat!

For just £2.95 it's a bargain that cannot go unmissed. 

Then there is this cute little kitty trinket dish from Oliver Bonas! I always need somewhere to stash my jewellery since it's all over the place these days. 

So I thought this dish would be great to pop just near my computer where I usually take off my earrings or rings at the end of the day. That way I can't complain they go missing! 

Now I have been eyeing up the new Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer for ages and ages now until finally caving in. So far I am not disappointed at all because I do find that it is a fairly decent primer.

Truthfully, I've been using it here and there sparingly to get the right amount for that luminous effect it holds. Really though a small amount is all you need for any primer really, applying this product is easy and it's very smooth leaving you with baby soft skin which I adore. 

I have tried this product after giving my skin a good cleanse and moisturise where I did not use any foundation and my complexion was amazing. Plus how gorgeous is the substance? It's all gold and pretty with glitter! The packaging is beautiful as well. I would recommend anyone to try this particular primer if you are still searching for that 'right one'. 

Also I jumped on the Chloe Eau Sensuelle Eau De Parfum bandwagon since I kept seeing this perfume all over the place and I wanted to try it too! I have the first edition of Love Story and that is such a beautiful scent so I expected to be impressed by this fragrance too. 

It is lovely though, I can't knock it because this edition is just a elegant and with that gorgeous hint of orange blossom thrown in its scent. 

After researching I found that this fragrance contains sunny heliotrope, with a tint of vanilla which brings sweetness to the floral orange blossom. The base is apparently sandalwood adding a milky, smooth depth. 

It is a heavy scent in my opinion, it's heavy and a very romantic one at that. It stays on for hours I find and I've been complemented many a time. So I say treat yourself! 

I did also end up caving in and purchased these adorable bunny flats from ASOS

They're stunning and lovely to wear with a cute mesh top! I've only worn them once though up to now because I don't want to ruin them. They have this precious glittery pattern on the material and even little fluffy pom-poms for their tail! Super cute! 

What are your current favourites right now? Have you been treating yourself too? If so, please share! 


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