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1 June 2017

So May has been fairly stressful for me actually... basically I have been struggling getting all of my university projects completed. Making sure everything is up to scratch, presented to the best of my abilities and loosing sleep with my essays. 

I have never been a fan of writing essays - even in high school I hated it. Luckily I seemed to somehow pass everything. I am just hoping I pass this semester as smoothly as I did the first. It can be all so difficult sometimes, university isn't as easy as people like to make out it is. 

Either way though I tried my best. This past month however has had some fairly good highlights! 

Such as I was sent this gorgeous mug (and it came with sweeties mm!) by the lovely JillyJilly How cute is this?! I fell in love with this gift immediately. It is from the new collection in celebration of JillyJilly's third birthday!

I think it's amazing, all the dedication and care gone into her products is beyond believable. They're brilliant quality and I can't get enough of JillyJilly's products. 

Even her new packaging is so sweet too! I love the little polka dots and bow there for that delicate touch too! 

This lovely gift certainly did cheer me up! 

Oh and I signed up to Glossybox as well! I have always wanted to sign up to one of these subscription boxes as I have seen others do so on Instagram and blogs. 

I was stuck between either Glossbox or Treatbox but I opted for Glossybox since I prefer cosmetics rather than what Treatbox had to offer. They're both lovely with cute things to offer! 

I am happy with my order from Glossbox but however after actually receiving my items I am slightly unsure if this is something I could continue in the future. It's practically anonymous items within each box you receive monthly and I am going to be honest by saying that I do not like all of the items. 

Some I liked but others not so much due to them either leaving me with break outs such as the cleansing milk which was included in the May edition or the eyeshadow being a reddish colour. 

So I think Glossybox is a hit and miss really but I guess that goes for all of these subscription boxes at the end of the day. 

Random but I am loving these pretty pink fluffy cushions from Matalan! How adorable are these?! I have been after pink pillows for a while now and seeing these online I just threw them right into the shopping cart.

Most of the time I buy my cushions from places such as B&M and Primark, but they haven't had any pink cushions that I really liked in store at the moment... I'm extremely pleased with these pickings though!

How amazing has the weather been recently though?! This fabulous heat calls for a delicious bottle of Fentimans Rose Lemonade! Not too much since I am trying to get back in shape... my diet has improved since finishing university for the summer. Back to the gym this week! 

But I really am hoping to get away soon though, it has been years since my last holiday now and I would be totally happy with going somewhere like Cornwall even! It doesn't have to be abroad. But everywhere costs money... it's such a pain! 

As I am writing this I am literally looking at flights to Tokyo in November (praying I can get one!) and freaking out whether I should just book it... reckon I should? 


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