Featuring 'Classic Petite' Daniel Wellington's New Collection!

6 July 2017

I am very pleased to announce that the beloved and well known watch brand Daniel Wellington has recently released their newest collection "Classic Petite" which is a gorgeous range of elegance you are able to wear daily on the go. 

Daniel Wellington was extremely kind enough to send me a beautiful Classic Petite Bondi watch in the rose gold edition. How amazing is that?! I would say pretty bloody amazing. 

I'm head over heels in love with it too! It's just stunning and I have been wearing it ever since I received it. 

I adore how it has a timeless appeal to it but the rose gold brings the watch into modern day. 

The Classic Petite Bondi comes in the colours rose gold and silver however I ended up going with the rose gold. For those who read my blog you all probably know I am just obsessed with rose gold and couldn't pass up that opportunity! 

It's very delicate and tiny which is what I treasure about this watch as it is simply just enough and not one of those huge bulky watches. 

The smaller the better in my opinion when it comes to watches - plus I think the sizing makes it very stylish as does the colour white that meshes perfectly with the rose gold. The white gives the watch a fresh appearance and since the collection was released this summer - personally though I think it's the best colour scheme

In terms of the quality I find that the watch is excellent with an extremely firm band and buckle with loops through without struggle. I also find it very endearing to see the "DW" engraved there too. It's just a sweet little personal touch. 

The strap is genuine leather as well so I expect great wear out of this watch and I hope that the white doesn't peel within time too quickly. I have had other watches before today and they have gone really quickly on me or the strap has eroded after a few wears which is no good. So only time will tell with the new Classic Petit Bondi watch. 

It works perfectly fine as well and I have had no trouble when it came to operating the watch. 

So far so good! 

For those reading who are interesting and would like their very own Classic Petit Bondi watch you are able to get a discount of 15% by using "CHEYANNE15" but hurry! It only lasts until the 15th of July 2017. 

What are your thoughts on the new Classic Petit Bondi watches? Impressed? I most certainly am! 


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