Introducing Pretty Vulgar! The Prettiest New Cosmetics Brand Going!

3 July 2017

So we are already aware of the existing cutesy brands such as Too Faced, Revolution, Etude House and other various ones but now there is a new addition to that variety which is Pretty Vulgar

Around a couple of months ago I was messaged about Pretty Vulgar by another blogger friend of mine and I had a look around at their Instagram page where all their new items were being advertised.   

I was just amazed by how gorgeous everything was because everything literally meets my taste from the dippings of rose gold applied to their products, the gorgeous floral prints and vintage theme Pretty Vulgar has going on. I instantly had heart in my eyes and I craved everything. 

Sadly Pretty Vulgar are only based in the US at the moment however you are able to purchase on their official website as they do offer international shipping. Also Sephora is holding the brand at their stores and online store too so you are definitely able to get hold of Pretty Vulgar's items. 

Hopefully Beauty Bay may eventually begin to get in some of the Pretty Vulgar products as well since they do sell a lot of international beauty products too, making it easy in terms of cheaper shipping and dodging customs completely. Luckily I did not have to pay any custom fees and the products came straight to my doorstep. 

I would definitely say this brand is slowly becoming one of my favourites from the pretty packaging to the quality of their products - it has all been fantastic. 

The Feathers - Mascara 

I just absolutely adore this mascara I think it's so unique and beautiful! I have never seen a mascara like this before either. Its a birdcage and the little bird at the top just makes me squeal everything I get it out of its box! So cute! 

Pretty Vulgar's mascara "The Feathers" is of decent quality I would say although like any mascara at first it is bounce to be slightly blotchy. Eventually the formula will even out so you won't end up with bat wings for eye lashes. It's a very high volume mascara I would say and the brush is curved in a way which will lift you eye lashes, enhancing a high volume, lengthy and curled appearance. 

I find it very easy to apply as I do tend to use these type of brushes fairly often, however it may not be to everyones taste depending on the types of mascara brushes you are usually comfortable with. 

The forumla is combined with vitamin B5 including sodium hyaluronate helping moisture and thickness of your lashes. But due to this blend the outcome you get from this mascara is a blotch-free and long lasting finish. 

Once I have finished this mascara I think I would probably re-buy it but mostly for the design more so than anything else. I use this mascara sparingly most of the time though simply because I just find it too beautiful to keep using! So I would rather save it if anything.

Bury Them With A Smile Lipstick - Shade "Back Stabber"

This lipstick is by far my favourite at the moment and must have for anyone out there who is after a new shade! I haven't stopped using it since I purchased this either. Every single day I've been using it - long gone the usage of my Mac lippies in exchange for this baby! 

The quality is incredibly good and it has surprised me because I was a bit unsure when I bought this that the quality may not meet my expectations. But since the launch was over in America originally and there was no way to really see these lipsticks in person apart from Youtube videos or just basing what I see in the adverts online. 

It isn't always easy to distinguish what you see in photographs and videos as the product may be completely different in your own hands. So I went in for the kill and just ordered one (not because the packaging is beautiful... okay maybe that too!). 

In general I find that their matte lipstick's formula incredibly firm but it isn't dry and it's very high definition. Due to it being matte as well Pretty Vulgar's lipstick is also super saturation too which accomplishing long lasting coverage on your lips. Also delivering hydrating oils and butters so that your stay fresh and beautiful. 

There is also 7 other shades available and I purchased "Back Stabber" which is this lovely dark red with a tint of fuchsia thrown in for good measure. It's a bit darkeron your lips compared to the photographs shown on their website I think but it's near the same colour.

I love this shade either way and I think it goes amazing with all my current summer outfits. I feel extremely confident and gorgeous every time I apply this colour. I just think it's perfect. 

I would definitely repurchase this lipstick and probably a couple more from Pretty Vulgar now that I am aware their lipsticks are great quality. Plus I have been eyeing their liquid lipsticks too and I really want to give those a try! Hopefully they are just as decent as their matte lipsticks. 

In terms of the price range for Pretty Vulgar's items is fairly good I think especially for what you get in return. I would say it is no more expensive than Mac and NYX at best. 

Mascara - £18.50

Lipstick - £18.50

Now I would like to know what do you think of Pretty Vulgar so far? Would you buy anything from this brand or not?  Thank you for reading!



  1. How bloody pretty!! X

    1. Yes! The collection is absolutely gorgeous!!! xxx


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