My September Goals!

7 September 2017

Blimey... I can't believe it is already September! Where has the summer gone? Well, with what little summer we had of course because the U.K barely even ever has a summer. Even so though time really does pass quickly. 

Well now that it is September we should all know that it is already the lead up to a pile of occasions including the going back to university for myself, the workload and stress is already making my head swirl into an oblivion. I really am not ready for it all but I am going to just try and pace myself the best I can. 

Still we have to face things we don't want to sometimes and get on with it which is just life I guess but to make it easier for myself this month I have a few little goals.

 New body, new me:

Honestly I am out of shape and it is terrible. Around ten years ago I dropped the weight so easily in my teens from a size 24 to a size 10. Now I am probably around a size 12 which is not exactly big but I am just unhappy with myself. 

So I want to just do me and get back on track with my weight loss journey. It can be so difficult though especially when you are craving during the semester, live with your family still who tempt you with treats and always feel exhausted from working two jobs. Something has to change though even if it for at least an hour a day - it is better than nothing. 

Keeping on top of it all:

University is starting at the end of the month for me and thousands of other people, this however goes for school and college too since those can be as stressful as well. But it is best to try and get a head start with projects which will make it a hell of a lot easier for yourself in the long run. 

I find that I do so much better in my first semester compared to my second one. At the start of each one I am usually refreshed (not so much this year) but I always tell myself that I want to do extremely well and get top marks. Usually it works - I put in so much effort and the outcome is better. 

Yet in my second semester because it is after Christmas I am still in the holiday mood, so naturally I feel super lazy which isn't good at all. 

Maybe it is just me? When I asked my friends they said that it is the other way around for them. I guess we are all different but still I want to try keeping very organised since this is my last year. Everything has to go smoothly, I really cannot afford to fail. 

Self care is extremely important in this case so the odd day to relax and just breathe isn't a crime either. In my last semester I was so stressed to the point where I was crying most nights before bed because I was worried about my work and my grades did slip slightly which I was angry over.

However I learnt my lesson though because due to me not properly learning the software we were using for the projects I neglected my work and when the time cut short that was when I rushed everything. So this term - bum in gear. 


Honestly I am terrible when it comes to pay day or heck even before I get paid! I am constantly counting down the days where I can use "Pay After Delivery" on Paypal just so I don't owe any money until I get paid on the exact date! It sounds bonkers but I sadly do this. 

I think I spend more online than I do in the shops, reason being? I can never find anything I want in the shops or what I want they never have in either my size or specific colour I am after. I end up buying a pair of £50 shoes I wear at least twice and a jacket I spend £30 on which I wear only once then pull my face at the second time I pop it on because it doesn't match my outfit. 

God - I never used to be like this at all. There was a time where I wouldn't even care what I threw on and nowadays I just constantly worry if the colour goes with my shoes or bag. 

Sometimes I miss that about my teenage self where I could throw on my battered old converse with a pair of jeans and a top then that would be it for the day. I wouldn't even spend much on clothing either, I used to think £30 on a bag or top was a hell of a lot to spend back then. 

That was thousands in my eyes! Now it is nothing, then again I didn't work when I had that mindset on clothing and now because I work money is so easy to throw down the drain. Plus you are constantly being bombarded nowadays with new make up collections more than ever before because I can remember a time when contouring, highlight and what not were not even a thing back when I was still in school. 

Then there is keeping up with the blogging world where people can spend thousands on a new dress and bag without batting an eyelash. It is difficult to keep up these days, it can be pressuring to end up buying more clothes, make up, homeware items you don't even know! 

Yet buy it simply because it's trendy and something you can take a picture of just for another picture on your Instagram feed. Looking at it all it is a little bit sad really. I do the exact same and I am starting to get a bit fed up with it now. I opened my kitchen cupboard looking at all the Disneyland other branded mugs from random websites, I thought "What am I even doing with this lot?" and I ended up putting half on my Depop to sell off. 

It wasn't just the mugs but I realised how many clothes, shoes, bags I have which I barely use anymore. I was quite shocked and quite annoyed with myself if anything that I let my spending habits get the better of me like this. 

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you even need certain things and if you really are just buying things for the sake of buying them.  

Catching more zzz's: 

I really am the worst for getting an early night. I can't even remember the last time I went to bed before 10 or 11. I usually end up getting to sleep around 1 or even 2 some nights even if I have to be up at 7. I have always been this way and I don't know if I will change. I know I could probably but it isn't easy for me. So many thoughts clog up my mind and I end up either having another panic attack as I do suffer from them or getting up out of bed. 

I don't even have a particular reason for staying up so late! I am either on Youtube, writing or listening to music. The world is always so peaceful in the early hours of the morning, it can be so relaxing about to just listen to nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

I do need to start getting more sleep as the black rings around my eyes are worsening and I think the sluggish feeling I have throughout the day will go too. Yet some days I feel fantastic even if I have had little sleep. Even so I am going to try getting a better nights sleep.

I have heard chamomile tea is supposed to help and also lavender oil. I can't say I am incredibly fond of chamomile tea thought but I will definitely go with the lavender oil!

Engage, engage, engage: 

I feel like I have been lacking engagement with my followers on my Instagram and here on my blog. I do try to respond to messages when I can on here however on Instagram due to the absolutely  rubbish algorithm everything has gone to pot. It is so annoying! I cannot always see everyones posts! It is always the popular bloggers, celebrities or Youtubers who pop up which is really unfair.

I know so many people have moaned over it and at Instagram yet nothing is getting solved sadly. It seems they are ignoring everyone's wishes and just throwing on more face filters in on Instastories which is really not that great anyway. 

But I am trying to like and comment on so many other people's photos when they come up though because why should they be ignored? I feel like the only way we are really going to beat Instagram is mostly to try getting involved with each other more and more. 

Otherwise we as smaller bloggers will just be shoved to the side and that will be it. We really must stick together at this point. So my goal is to try getting involved a bit more within the blogging community and plus isn't it nice to make new friends anyway? I think it is lovely and personal. 

Some of the friends I have now have been made through blogging and Instagram, it is just a shame some of them live miles away though. I suppose that is the beauty of social media, we can all just come together. 

What goals have you got in store for this month? Are any of yours similar to mine? If so, please share! 



  1. I still can't believe it's september already, summer flew by. It's already been so busy though, college has taken over everything for me. Hope you achieve everything you hope to xx

    1. Its crazy isn't it? Months pass so fast these days... Has it? Oh no! Well try and do your best, it will be worth it in the end! Lets work hard! Thanks so much xxx :)


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