Whats On My Homeware Wishlist? Have A Peek!

23 September 2017

Welcome to this months homeware wish list, these are just a few things I have eyed and bookmarked for later when I am in the ‘treat ya self babes kinda mood’ you know that one, when something ends up popping into your shopping cart and before you know it you’ve somehow tossed all your details and checked out (my bank balance hates me). Right so, well well well, what have we here...

Marble Quartz Coasters: Neue Blvd

Aren't these pretty?! Gosh, I don't think I would ever even use these if I had my own place or even owned the for that matter. They are just too lovely to have any coffee spills on them. 
Pink Lamp: Oliver Bonas

How gorgeous is this?! It is a bit similar to my copper hanging lamp I have on my desk (for those who have seen my desk tour post you will know which one!) but this one is in pink, I'm screaming and it's at a good price too £36! It's just a shame I already have one... but here is to dreaming!

Golden Tray: H&M 

This piece would be lovely for my vanity or even in the bathroom actually for all my nightly creams, sprays and toners. I really just love copper and gold homeware items, they're so dreamy. 

Golden Hanging Mirror: H&M

I have seen this mirror popping up each time I go on the H&M homeware section, it always catches my eye again and again but I realise that I just may need it. Even if it's just for decoration!

Fluffy Pink Chair: MaisonsDuMonde

A little while ago my good chair which was this fancy studio white one practically fell apart on me and that was that really. I came across this chair on my online shopping spree venturing and I fell in love instantly. How cute is it?! I would love to buy it but the price is a bit steep... 

Copper Cutlery: Neue Blvd

These are so pretty! I would love to have my own place and invest in these though, every time I would have people over for dinner I imagine showing off with these! 

Faces iPhone 6S Case: Oliver Bonas

I recently purchased the new iPhone 8 though but luckily enough if the case is flexible you can pop it over an iPhone 8 I have found. I think this one is really pretty and unique though, I love this faces collection Oliver Bonas has released lately it's really artsy. 

Fluffy Pillow: Matalan

I am in need of a new pillow for my chair while I am sat at my desk on my mac, I have terrible back pain I suffer from and my current pillow is all ragged now. This one would be perfect! Also isn't the pale pink beautiful? It would fit in like a dream!

Inspire Gold Desk Decor: Zoella Homeware

I have actually already purchased this item but it is such a beautiful piece for anywhere around the house, whether it is your bedroom or living room it's gorgeous and such an eye-catching piece. It always cheers me up too! Bit funny how decor can cheer you up right? 

White Standing Mirror: Ikea

I really love standing mirrors and these ones especially! The one I have at the moment is pinned on my bedroom door, it's not very big either which is annoying. I can't move it around either compared to this one where I would be able to. I just find this mirror to be very fresh looking, it's simple and enough.

Spotted Mug: H&M

Now it is either this one or the pink version... I can't decide! Both the black and white plus the pink are so cute! They have matching bowls too, H&M is so tempting lately within their homeware range as they have such pretty things. 

Pink Clock: Amara 

I really do need a proper clock though, I keep putting myself off from buying one for god knows what reason and use my phone instead. I really love this pink clock, it's small and would mesh well with my room I know for sure. Whether I buy it or not is another thing. I just might...

Have you had your eye on anything in particular lately, for your home or even just your bedroom too? 


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