20 Things To Do This Halloween

30 October 2017

So it's Halloween once again... the year really does fly quite quickly doesn't it? As a child I always wanted the big American Halloween with the knocking on doors for sweeties to the running around windy fields in my costume giggling with friends and scary ourselves silly from the hooting of howls near by. 

It all seems so fun when you're young and there is so much more available for you to do like Halloween themed discos at the Brownies or Halloween themed marathons on Cartoon Network. Not having to worry about work while munching down countless amounts of sugar because it's fine when you have no proper responsibilities. 

But times change and eventually you have to grow up. That doesn't mean the fun has to stop though, right? Of course not. That is why I have come up with a handful of ideas to do on Halloween whether it's a work night or not. 

1. Pumpkins! You simply cannot celebrate Halloween without a good pumpkin there to warm the household up on a cold Autumn evening. They're such fun to do and there is so many ideas out there you can choose from! Whether it's painting them, eating them or even just the old fashioned carving.

2. Horror movies are definitely my favourite thing to do on Halloween! I love a good horror with a pile of snacks on the side to munch from. However I always end up watching 'The Halloween Tree" first before anything else even though it's a cartoon. It's a Halloween tradition in this house!

3. A nice hot bath with your favourite bath bombs and cremes for that big bubbly mess! It sounds boring but it's not - Lush and Bomb Cosmetics have so many Halloween bath bombs available right now to pick from. 

4. Bake some delicious Halloween themed cookies or cakes! If you're based in the UK then places such as Poundland, Wilko or B&M have many Halloween baking utensils available for cheap which you can pick up! 

5. Drink pumpkin spiced lattes. Mmm!

6. You could always do some research and find where an actual haunted location is near you! I have always wanted to do this and one year I might. 

7. Go on a ghost walk! They usually do them on Halloween each year so maybe near yourself there could be one. Spooky! 

8. Look up some tasty recipes for Halloween inspired cocktails! Now this is one that I really, really want to try now (ha ha!) 

9. If you are not into celebrating Halloween by dressing up fully in costume then pop on some dark themed everyday make up such as i.e dark lipstick, eye shadow and heavier mascara! Go for that chic vamp look!

10. Scare yourself silly by reading some thrillers or even just browse online with a scary horror movie playlist from Youtube!

11. Visit a pumpkin patch! 

12. You could always just have a lovely little pamper night all to yourself - I might do the same as I am dying to try my new delicious body lotion in 'Perle De Coco' from Otherstories and just lounge around my room doing absolutely nothing. Perhaps pig out on some chocolate and popcorn until I get tummy ache! 

13. Throw on some cat ears!

14. If you're bored then perhaps you could always do some digging into history books or have a look online at some mysteries unsolved. Whether it's to do with space, murders, superstitions or just general history that is a little bit gruesome... It can be quite interesting!

15. If you're also a blogger - you could always get cracking on some Christmas content? 

16. DIY some apples and make candy apples! Melt some chocolate, grab some sprinkles and wooden ice-lolly sticks. Jobs a good'un! They're such a delicious treat. I usually love mine covered in chocolate rather than the toffee. 

17. Paint your nails but do them Halloween themed! Barry M has a good spooktastic selection going on right now for the nails. 

18. If you are buying a pumpkin and the day after Halloween maybe try to put your pumpkin to use rather than chuck it away! Here are some great ideas on how to recycle your poor pumpkin. There is no excuse!

19. Make sure you have some toffees and treats in for the trick or treaters! 

20. You could always grab all the sheets you have lay around or any left over bedding and make a massive den in the living room or even just over your bed! Even camping out in the garden telling ghost stories can be quite fun too! 



  1. These are some really great ideas!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Thank you lovely!

      Have a fab Halloween! x

  2. Oooh I've never heard of chocolate covered apples! Such a nice twist on the traditional candied apple. I'm going to be spending my Halloween in watching back to back horror films and I cannot wait!

    Happy Halloween!

    Sharni xo

    1. Really?! Ah! Yes they are now a thing and Tesco sells them here in the UK haha. I know right! theyre super tasty! Oh me too! Its exciting haha! Have a Happy Halloween!



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