A Cutesy Gift Guide: Its time to get festive!

27 November 2017

It's the most magical time of year again! It's come, it's here!  

Ahh! It's almost Christmas! Are you as excited as I am? 

I hope I'm not too late this year on the whole Christmas gift guide bandwagon, but even so though I still really wanted to take part and stick together some very Christmassy items I've purchased over the last couple of weeks. 

So first up comes the the festive bits and then I will probably start uploading a full on gift guide. Plus these are always handy as little stocking fillers anyway!

I got excited once I saw Christmas items put up on various websites and I started just stocking up. I mean why not? It's the time to festive after all! Oh I do love a good brew on Christmas morning though and then I usually lounge about the house in my pjs after the whole presents shenanigan is over and done with. So this beautiful kitty cat mug from Oliver Bonas would come in right handy for someone on Christmas morning. It'll sure bring the joy at the start of the day!

Plus on that chilly Christmas evening a candle is always lovely to light while you watch the telly and pig out on left over turkey sandwiches. So I highly recommend this gorgeous candle from The White Company in "White Christmas" for just £25. It smells like almond croissants with a dash of citrus somewhere in there too. It's bloody lovely!

 I ended up buying three, two as presents and one for myself because they're that lovely. It's quite a rare candle to have in the The White Company too as they don't always do this candle every Christmas... so grab one! 

1. Anthropologie's Shooting Star Holiday Gift Tags

3. Lush's "Star Light Star Bright" Bath Bomb

4. The White Company's White Christmas Candle

5. H&M Star Bauble 

6. H&M Lantern Baubles

7. Paperchase's Glitter Baubles

8. Oliver Bona's Cat Mug

9. TKMax Straw Gift Bags

10. Zoella's Snowella Body Mist 

I hope you enjoy this festive gift guide I've put together! It's been so much fun picking out the little bits and bobs. 

I have never tried these pretty "Star light, star bright" bath bombs from Lush before! I remember they had a similar edition out last year in white but I never really got hold of one. Still though it this one looks promising! 

They smell like clementines and lavender so the scent is a little bold but it's quite subtle at the same time. They're packed with such moisturising oils when I read up the ingredients that these bath bombs contain such as ginger oil, mururmuru butter, lime oil, almond oil ect and just to let you know they're super, super glittery. These would make a lovely gift! 

"It's not what is under the Christmas tree that matters, it's who around it."

How about some lovely new baubles to put on your tree this year? Now I don't usually buy new baubles because in my house we have a strict tradition and keep to the same ones each year. Some of ours are literally older than me but they have such a special place in my heart... I can't possibly get rid of them. They hold so many memories.

Still I thought maybe adding a few new ones to the pile will liven our old tree up and new memories can be made then.

How beautiful how are these ones from H&M Home though? They're so pretty! Right now H&M are doing so many deals including free shipping so I reckon you should stock up before these all run out!  

These Anthropologie gift tags are so cute! I couldn't pass up buying these for presents this year and although you only get three in a pack I still think they're quite unusual. Sometimes it's nice to go that extra mile to make someone's gift lovely. It's the time for giving and if you're going to give then I think putting effort into it matters. 

But I just love how they represent shooting stars and the little sayings on them are precious. I would love to receive a pressie with one of these on... wouldn't you?! 

Have you got ideas on what you're going to buy for your loved one for Christmas yet? 



  1. Great post! I'm almost done my shopping for Christmas I think I just have 3 more people to get gifts for. But I love shopping for my little cousins they are my fave to buy gifts for, this year I got my youngest cousin a Moana Book and The Paper Bag Princess and a cute fuzzy pink backpack :)

    1. Thanks lovely! Good stuff I'm glad you are! Yay! Awww... I'm sure they will love the Moana book (I love Moana so much too! Its amazing!) and that sounds so cute. They will adore all the gifts Im sure! :) Sounds lovely! xxxx

  2. Christmas shopping for me is either a nightmare or a complete joy depending on who i'm shopping for !! Luckily this year is looking out to be a joy *^^*

    1. Yeah.. haha! It sure does get that way with its ups and downs but I suppose it wouldn't be Christmas without them. x

  3. That mug is just the cutest thing ever!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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