A Little Christmas Gift Guide

25 November 2017

Blimey... Christmas sure does come by very quickly doesn't it?

I feel like it does nowadays more than it ever did before when I was growing up. Sometimes I do wonder if Christmas really is just for children and when it does have that factor, it is lovely to just see people you haven't seen in such a long time and gather around as a family during the holidays. 

So far I have actually managed to do all my Christmas shopping mega early this year (yay!). I'm so glad though, I wanted to get it done whilst I have the money and with the shops not being as manic as they usually are when Christmas nears closer. 

Still though if you haven't had a chance to go online looking at all the stores due to work and school because of course life gets in the way, especially during this time of year with all the festivities taking place. But you're perhaps you're a bit stuck this year on what to get your mother, sister, partner or your friend, so I've popped together a list of some pretties in which you can buy as a gift this year. 

1. Kate Spade Rose Gold Studded Earrings

2. The White Company Candle "Winter"

3. Ted Baker Rose Foam Petals

4. Oliver Bonas 2018 Diary 

5. YSL 'Tatouage Couture' Liquid Lipstick in "Nude Interdit"

6. Ted Baker Bow Keychain

7. Olivia Burton Bow Chain Bracelet

8. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

9. Lush's Sleepy Body Lotion

10. The White Company's Bed Socks

I'm absolutely dying to try the watermelon glow mask though! It looks so dreamy and I've heard such good things about it. Do try the gorgeous "Sleepy" body lotion from Lush because it smells immense and it's super, duper moisturising! I wouldn't mind another batch of it myself this Christmas! 

What do you fancy this year for Christmas?



  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE those earrings from Kate Spade, they're just so effortlessly classy. I'm so jealous that you've been able to do your Christmas shopping already - I've only just started but I really want to get everyone's done before the second week of December... I think that Oliver Bonas diary would be perfect for one of my friends!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. Thank you sweet! They are beautiful aren't they? Yeah... got a head start this year! Just due to the fact I have a lot going on right now. Yes! You think so? Awww! Im sure they will adore it! :) X


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