My Routine To The Perfect Winter Cosy Night In!

18 November 2017

Gosh! Winter should does come fast doesn't it? Christmas is right around the corner and with all the wonderful festivities the cold comes with it. Now I don't really enjoy getting up in the mornings when it looks like it could still be midnight outside but that's just how it is unfortunately. 

Frost bitten fingers, snotty noses and freezing long walks to the train station aren't very fun. Still though at least we can unwind once we get home by getting a nice warm, popping on the kettle with the marshmallows out at the ready and run a nice hot bath. 

So how I usually like to unwind is usually have a nice herbal green tea or a hot chocolate. I always go for Options since Cadburys does nothing for me anymore (I find it so watery!). 

Then I pop on a gallop of squirty cream, add some marshmallows and perhaps a few of my favourite chocolates on top just to pick at! Don't forget the choccy! 

I have to always have a candle on the go at this time of the year when I'm settled down or in my room. Not because of the dark but mostly because I feel really much more toastier with one lit and the room is absorbed with a lovely scent which makes me feel so relaxed. So light one and get your favourite playlist on then simply chill.

Some of my Christmas candle favourites are:

Yankee Candle's Snowflake Cookie

The White Company's  Winter

Primary's very own candle in Gingerbread 

Yankee Candle's White Cocoa

A long nice lovely hot bath always does the trick to heat you up. I enjoy throwing in my favourite bath cremes and watching my bath bombs fizz before getting in. 

Recently I have been loving the gorgeous Lush bath bomb "Twilight" due to its relaxing lavender yet extremely sweet scent. It is a mixture of rich, malty with a hint of floral perfume combined. It's probably my favourite bath bomb yet from Lush. It's been out a while but it is definitely a winner. 

Also Lush is currently doing a delicious body lotion called "Sleepy" right now and its truly beautiful. It smells exactly like their Twilight bath bomb too! So I ended up purchasing the pair of them together - the more the merrier right? 

Plus you can't not have one of the beautiful "Magic Wands" from Lush either! They're a definite Christmas must have when it comes to baths. Look at pretty and pink they are! They're perfect for a bit of bath time fun for those who like some magic in their lives. I know I do! Light up some tea candles, grab that glass of wine or a brew if you have to, then get the bubbles piling high and just snuggle down into the water, relieving any worries or pent up stress you may have.  

Tell me, how do you usually settle down on these chilly evenings? 



  1. Replies
    1. Aww! Thank you! I'm glad you like it :) x

  2. I always settle down with a milky lavender and chamomile tea on these chilly nights 💖💖 and options is definitely the best hot chocolate, I love collection all the little sachets hehe

    1. Oh do you?! That sounds amazing! I want to try it! Oh gosh... definitely Options haha! I love the Mint flavour! What is your favourite? :) x

    2. white chocolate is my fave flavour!! i dont really like minty things ;w;

    3. I've tried the white one and it wasn't for me... Mint is amazing! I wish they did orange!x


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