A Pretty Little Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

3 December 2017

As promised the super girly Christmas gift guide has been delivered! 

It was so much fun putting this together actually and I'm really pleased with the outcome so I hope you enjoy it too. But who doesn't love a gift guide though right? It's always interesting to nosey at what other people have or suggest. 

I mean it's a quicker way to bankruptcy probably in my book but you only live once! As for me, I haven't been able to help myself recently because this year there are so many gorgeous pretty things out. So goodbye £££... hello goodies!

First up I want to point out that I have yet again decided to use this gorgeous candle from The White Company in yet another gift post because it's just so lovely and perfect for the winter season to get you into the Christmas spirit. The scent is a delicious blend of almonds and citrus which compliment it perfectly.

I mean how can you not have a candle burning of Christmas night? It's a must! Pop on a good film, get that box of Celebrations out on the table with the brews and a cheeky wine to go, you'll be all sorted then. 

So below are just the links to each of the items from above as shown if you are as ecstatic as I am for the upcoming holidays (I know I am!). 

3.  Paperchase Unicorn Pop-up Card

4. Biscuiteers Nutcrack Set

5. Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Eyeshadow Palette

6. The White Company's "White Christmas" Candle

7. Primark's Fluffy Pink Bow Slippers 

Now I've never ordered from the Biscuiteers before and this is the first time I've done so because I keep seeing them again and again on Instagram so I decided to just say "Ah what the heck" and got myself a box. Not just any box though! The Biscuiteers are known for doing cakes and biscuits which cater towards all holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers day etc. I think it's so lovely though!

So I ended up buying a box of biscuits from the Nutcracker collection. The Nutcracker has always been a Christmas tale favourite of my own anyway since I was little because it brings back the memories of watching the old Barbie and The Nutcracker video (I wasn't just the only fan was I?). 

Also, I really loved ballet growing up too, I've always admired it and so this story means a lot to me. How gorgeous are these biscuits though? Clara in her little tutu!

It's a shame to eat these because they've had so much love and care gone into them especially with the icing decoration. I've decided to split the box between me and a friend (I hope she doesn't read this since it is part of her Christmas gift... ah!) because they're so beautiful. 

I have tried one and although they are quite chewy these biscuits do make a very tasty treat. They really would make a lovely gift for somebody this Christmas who has a big sweet-tooth! 

Or you could just buy yourself a box? There is always that option. Wink wink... 

Slippers are always a good gift to buy somebody at Christmas because it's so bloody cold! Whether the person you're buying for is young or old they're always ideal. 

I love these pretty pink bow slippers from Primark for just £4 too! Such a bargian and they're all still  in stock at the moment. However I would suggest running over and grabbing a few pairs because it's Primark. Everything goes very, very quickly.

Ahh! I absolutely love this card I picked up from Paperchase. It's the prettiest, unique little Christmas card I've ever seen you know... I bought it right away and it's going to a dear friend of mine soon. I'm not sure whether this is a unicorn or a reindeer but it's so cute! 

So if you're after something a little bit different this year then invest in one of these pretties! It's a bit of a change from the usual box cards and I think it would be a lot more appreciated! If I received one of these I'd never throw it away. 

Make up brushes are such a winner for any big make up lover and I couldn't resist bagging these Iconic London brushes once I got paid this month, I mean why not? 

They're so beautiful, feathery soft and fresh looking. I don't think I can bare using them just yet but these would make a lovely gift for someone who adores make up and the aspiring make up artists out there of course. 

The Charlotte Tilsbury Instant palette is one of my favourite purchases I've made so far this month and just look at it! I decided to keep it in immaculate condition just for this post and it's been so tempting not to use it yet! 

I have heard good things about this particular palette and a lot of other make up lovers have been over the moon with the results. 

The shades are gorgeous, they're so neutral yet vibrant. I think it's super cute how each of the three shades has their own little specific purpose but I say just use whichever whenever. It'll come in right handy for New Years eve too! 

The Zoella beauty Christmas bath collection is by far the prettiest bath collection I've ever seen! I think the grey, white and gold colour scheme go together so well. Isn't the packaging beautiful?! 

I thought the bath creme "Merry & Bright" looked promising and I was right! It's such a lovely thick creme for hot bubble baths and smells like fresh flowers. I love the little pom-pom too! It really does give the bottle that overall Christmassy vibe.

It would be a lovely gift for someone because hot bubble baths are a total must at Christmas!

So what do you think of these gift items? Have you got any ideas what you are buying your loved ones for Christmas this year? 


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