New Year New Me?

3 January 2018


It's finally here, gosh where has the year gone? It's literally flown by. I'm quite glad if I am truly honest because last year wasn't the best of years for me at all.

I'm never really... a New Years type of person? Usually I don't care much for it because while everyone makes all their resolutions and gives up in the next three weks with what they said they'd do (also me haha!) I just never give new year much credit. To me a year is a year. 

But this year I am glad it's new, a blank slate completely untouched and to get things moving after what I went through last year. It's been difficult trying hold in all my emotional and partly negative feelings but all I can do is move forward. 

It's the only way to go about things, we can't dwell in the past. So here it's to the new! Here's to happiness and a fresh start.

This year will be a fairly busy one for me because I'm moving house in the next couple of weeks so I'm in dire need of new beautiful homeware gear for my new bedroom including some pretty furniture. I'm booting my current bed because the panels underneath have collapsed, it's been hell sleeping on it for the past god knows how many months and my back is knackered from it. 

My wardrobe is falling apart and my cabinets are incredibly old too so it's time to invest in some new furniture. I've already got my eye on some beautiful units from Dunelm, also a brand new bed with a lovely white frame from Ikea. 

I'm still keeping my beloved white theme the same because I have always thought white furniture is so fresh looking and really pretty. So there is that to look forward too... not too sure about the building part (luckily my mother's husband is giving me a hand - or maybe just building them hehe). 

Tokyo is soon on the agenda, four months to go until I leave for two whole weeks! It's super exciting and in October I will properly apply for the JET scheme (Japanese Education Teaching program) where I could perhaps work there for a year or so. 

I'm still having a good think about this choice though because it's a massive one and I'm hoping I like Japan when I go - if I like it enough I'll consider it. 

There is graduation coming up soon too! I'm looking forward to finally just getting out of university, I'm so tired of it and I'll be honest by saying I haven't enjoyed my last year at all. It's been problematic, I've felt so lonely and I barely go in anymore. 

Some people say it's a waste but at the end of the day it's my decision and everything is online anyway... I'm happy to just move on really to the next stage in my life. New things are to come and it's exciting, a little scary but it wouldn't be living if it wasn't. 

But just like everyone else I do have some goals I want to make for myself too:

  • Finally get my diet back to normal (I swear it isn't normal to live off mince pies, hot chocolate and Terry's chocolate orange for a fortnight....)
  • Get my sleeping pattern sorted - It hasn't been normal for months now due to a lot of stress and many other things so I need to get it right.
  • Start swimming again! I'm lucky enough to be moving house where there is the swimming baths I used to go to when I was in primary school!
  • Save money - It's so difficult but I love stuff...
  • Leave toxic relationships - I've had to say 'ta ta' to a fair few people in 2017 and while it hurt like mad I know in the end it was worth it.
  • Be happy - the most important thing for everyone and ourselves

What are your goals for 2018? 


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