27 February 2018

Okay so this is probably the prettiest perfume I've ever owned.

Hands down.

Introducing the gorgeous new Chloe Nomade Eau De Parfum which is a new release to the current Chloe franchise along with its sisters Chloe Love Story, Love Chloe, Chloe signature parfum and the rest that follow this release is fairly different to the others within scent but probably more so in its appearance as I think the bottle looks like a handbag and very similar to the Chloe Drew bag. It's adorable!

Plus can we just take a moment or two to appreciate the pink and gold tones? I absolutely adore pink and gold together. It's so, so perfect. Don't you agree? All the more reason to snatch up this pretty little bottle and fast too!

So what makes this different? Well the new Chloe Nomade fragrance is here to erupt the bold and more adventurous side of Chloe ladies, the scent is extremely floral but it isn't so light as it has a lot of depth in it. It's equally as delicious on the skin compared to the previous editions but this one is a bit of a stretch. 

Chloe Nomade is yes, feminine but daring as it's quite spicy and brings out a much more dangerous side to the Chloe perfume collection. I'd describe this as a charming scent because it holds as a classic appeal with a modern take.

You can really tell that Chloe have ventured out of their comfort zone with this particular scent though because it does shift away from the gentleness Chloe usually possess with their scent, however that is what I love about this perfume is that sexy twist. 

It's gorgeous and I would recommend this scent for yourself or a loved one as a gift (mothers day is just around the corner!) if they are keen on very intense floral tones combined with tinges of citrus, cherry plum and oak moss. 

I have loved popping this fragrance on here and there before I head off out because its just so addictive. I wouldn't really say it is an everyday fragrance - it's more of a "I'll just whip this on before he arrives for our meal at 7" type but I just enjoy lavishing myself with it. What can I say? I love it!

We all know (well most of us do) that Chloe fragrances are literally heaven. So it is no surprise that this one is equally as gorgeous. They're always long-wearing, this one is especially as it lasts hours on end due to it being so prominent yet delicate. 

Chloe fragrances are always very versatile anyway, I always feel so much lighter and daintier whenever they're on me actually. They leave me feeling a new woman! Yet another amazing release from Chloe and it's available now. 

Have you had a sniff yet?


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